Ecological management plans

Managing threatened ecosystems and particular plant and animal species requires the synthesis of expert knowledge and the latest research in conservation biology into plans that can be practically implemented in the field. Rakali consulting has both planned and implemented a wide range of conservation actions to assist the survival of threatened plant species and communities.

Examples to illustrate ecological management planning developed by Rakali Ecological Consulting include:


Moorabool River FLOWS Study Update (2015)
[Client: Jacobs on behalf of the Corangamite Catchment Management Authority]Floodplain-Riparian-Woodland,-Moorabool-River

Documentation and analysis of riparian vegetation values for the purpose of determining environmental flow requirements for defined reaches of the Moorabool River as part of a multi-disciplinary team that included fish, aquatic invertebrate, water quality, geomorphology, hydrology, vegetation and platypus experts. Working together this team made environmental flow recommendations to make the best use of the limited amount of water available to sustain the rivers ecological values.



Cranbourne Swamp Nature Conservation Reserve Management Plan (2010) [Client: Parks Victoria] Xerochrysum-palustre-Barnbam-Cranbourne-Swamp

Cranbourne Swamp, also known as Barnbam Swamp, is a unique wetland that was protected from urban development by a grassroots community campaign. While the swamp was protected, its surrounding catchment has been developed for housing, presenting a number of significant challenges to ensure the ongoing ecological health of the wetland. This project involved the development of a management and ecological restoration plan for a significant remnant of the EPBCA-listed, nationally critically endangered Seasonal Herbaceous Wetland community.


Bells Swamp Vegetation Management Plan (2011)

[Client: Mid Loddon Landcare Network & CMN]Red-Gum-Swamp,-Bells-Swamp,-Nov-13


Bells Swamp is a highly significant wetland dominated by many ancient River Red Gums and supporting a diversity of threatened wetland flora and fauna species, including the nationally vulnerable Ridged Water-milfoil (Myriophyllum porcatum). The swamp straddles both private and public land, leading to challenges in coordinating the conservation management of the site. This project involved the development of a native vegetation management plan for to conserve the ecological values of the wetland.


Management and Ecological Restoration Plan for Frogs Hollow Wetland Reserve, Maribyrnong (2006).

[Client: Delphin Land Lease]Black-shouldered-Kite,-Lake-Elizabeth--ps

Frogs Hollow Wetland Reserve supports some of the few wetlands on public land on the Lower Maribyrnong River floodplain. Although this reserve occurs in a highly modified environment it still supports significant environmental values. This project involved the development of a management and ecological restoration plan for the reserve.