Photography is an important part of monitoring biodiversity and conservation efforts.  Damien has collected many photographs of plants, animals and landscapes throughout his career.  If you wish to use any of his images please contact him.


  • Photographs are generally $50 for single use.
  • Community or not-for –profit us please contact Damien.

Format of Images

Electronic images will be Emailed in a JPEG file fomat of medium resolution. JPEG file fomat with 1024 pixels along the leading edge unless otherwise requested. JPEG is the most common format as it is compatible with browsers, viewers, and image editing software and allows images to be compressed by 10 to 20 times with little loss in image quality.


Copyright protection is not relinquished with sale and images cannot be used for commercial purposes but may be used with acknowledgement in non-commercial publications, assignments, presentations, flyers, reports, newsletters etc.​ Photographic credit must be given to Damien Cook or other photographer for each use.


Please contact Damien with requests for commercial use or copyright purchase.

Wetland Images


Terrestrial Ecosystems


Frog Images


Bird Images

Reptile Images

Plant Images