Comprehensive flora and fauna surveys

Rakali staff have extensive experience in conducting flora and fauna surveys in a wide range of habitat types. Many of these projects have also required the analysis of data collected during surveys and previously collected information to inform future management, monitoring and investment.

Services offered by Rakali consulting in this area include:

  • Flora and fauna survey and reporting

  • Vegetation mapping



Aquatic vegetation survey of Lake Elizabeth (2015)
[Client: North Central Catchment Management Authority- NCCMA]Saline-Aquatic-Meadow,-Lake-Elizabeth

A project conducted for the NCCMA at Lake Elizabeth, near Kerang. Previously a freshwater lake which supported Murray Cod, this lake now has approximately the salinity of sea water as a result of irrigation practices in the region. Although altered from its original condition, this wetland now supports abundant saline tolerant submerged aquatic plants which provide habitat for abundant numbers of birds and macro-invertebrates. Ironically this site is now potential habitat for the endangered Murray Hardyhead which the NCCMA plans to translocate here.  This project investigated how to best stimulate the growth of aquatic macrophytes, particularly Large-fruit Sea Tassel (Ruppia megacarpa), which provides habitat for the Murray Hardyhead (Craterocephalus fluviatilis).


Waterbird surveys of Hattah Lakes and Lindsay, Mulcra and Wallpolla Islands  (2011)
[Client: Mallee CMA]Pink-eared-Duck,-Hattah

The purpose of this survey was to monitor waterbird response (type of species, species abundance and type of activity – nesting or feeding) to the application of environmental water in autumn and spring 2010. Waterbirds were surveyed at 18 wetlands within north western Victoria in accordance with The Living Murray methodology.


Wetland Vegetation and Frog Surveys of Lindsay and Wallpolla Islands (2010) [Client: Mallee CMA]Mud-Adder-eating-a-frog,-Mulcra-Island,-Vic

Vegetation, frog and tadpole surveys were carried out at four wetlands on Lindsay and Wallpolla Islands, NW Victoria, that had received environmental water from The Living Murray program in spring 2009. This project assessed the role of environmental water in the provision of drought refuge to frog populations and aquatic vegetation.  this photograph illustrates how some of the wetlands responded to receiving water at the correct; season, depth and duration.  Water persisted long enough at some sites for frogs including the endangered Growling Grass Frog to breed. Photograph is the critically endangered De Vis’ Banded Snake eating a Spotted Marsh Frog.  

Belsar Yungera Floodplain Complex Flora Survey (2009)
[Client: Mallee CMA]Riverine-Chenopod-Woodland,-Yungera-Island-ps2

An investigative study of the diversity, abundance, distribution and health of aquatic, riparian and floodplain flora within the Belsar-Yungera Floodplain Complex.

Vegatation Quadrat Data Collect (2011/2012)
[Client: Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Heidelberg.]

Four-hundred and eighteen vegetation quadrat surveys were undertaken throughout the Central East region of Victoria and the Victorian Volcanic Plains  between 2011 and 2012. Detailed floristic and site data was collected from poorly known or under-sampled vegetation types in remotely located Quadrat sites – predetermined by the DSE.  The data will be used to model vegetation type EVC across Victoria and assist in both development of bushfire management plans and the conservation of biodiversity.


Lower and Mid Goulburn River Wetland Assessments (2011/2012)
[Client: Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority]

A study of wetland flora and fauna along the Goulburn River, including IWC assessments for the GBCMA.

Spring Soaks Data collection – spring soaks management trial Strathbogie Ranges (2010 and 2011)
[Client: Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research, Heidelberg.]

Fieldwork in the Highlands area (Strathbogie Ranges) to support ARI staff  in the collection of data for the spring soaks management trial.

Lake Moodemere Flora and Fauna Values Assessment (2011)
[Client: North East Catchment Management Authority]

Comprehensive flora and fauna surveys were undertaken to report on rare and threatened species and wetland vegetation condition within Lake Moodemere of north eastern Victoria. The results contributed to the development of an Environmental Watering Plan.