Lachlan Farrington of Nature Glenelg Trust was one of our participants on the Wonderful Wetland Ecology bus tour that we ran in October 2017.

He wrote a blog about his experience.


On the 12th October I was fortunate enough to have a seat on the two-day Wonderful Wetland Ecology Bus Tour, a training course on the ecological drivers of wetlands (geomorphology, hydrology and water quality).  On this tour of wetlands across the Loddon floodplains (North Central Victoria), we were introduced to a suite of different vegetation types and got to experience first hand their response to the wet spring of 2016 and wet autumn of 2017.  Damien Cook, who is the Principal Ecologist at Rakali Ecological Consulting Group, shared his extensive knowledge of the region, its wetlands and their flora and fauna.  As an added bonus we were also joined by Dixie Patton, a Barapa Barapa Traditional Owner, who shared his stories and provided a very practical account of Aboriginal history around these wetlands.

Intermittent swampy woodland/lakebed herbland complex at Yando Swamp. Note the dead trees which resulted from almost permanent inundation.











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