About Us

Company Philisophy

To protect and restore natural ecosystems throughout south-eastern Australia.

Rakali Ecological Consulting is committed to forming cooperative relationships with our clients. We aim to complete projects on time and within budget using proven science and language that is easy to understand. Projects undertaken by Rakali Ecological Consulting are enhanced by our holistic understanding of natural ecosystems and our passion for their protection and restoration.


Environmental Policy

Rakali is committed to minimising its operational activities impact on the earth.

The Rakali Office:

  • 100% solar power linked to the grid
  • Greywater treatment system (using indigenous wetland plant species)
  • All office paper is 100% post-consumer waste.
  • Business cards and letterhead are from Black Rainbow printing who use vegetable based dyes.

The Field:

  • All gum boots, waders etc are treated between wetlands to reduce the transfer of Chytrid fungus and other pathogens between sites.
  • Sensitive sites are always accessed on foot to avoid impacts.


Health and safety policy

Rakali staff have been conducting ecological surveys and environmental restoration safely for the past 25 years with no reportable health or safety incidents.  All works are done in teams of at least 2 staff using our health and safety policies and standard operating procedures.